Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Say what?!

I found the statement below from an article on CNN to be absolutely amazing in its oxymoronic insanity (and emphasis really should be on "moronic") and belief that people are going to be so stupid to actually take it at face value:

"Our goal is for no customer ever to pay the $100 fee," said Spirit Chief Operating Officer Tony Lefebvre in a statement. "By planning ahead and paying for bags before getting to the boarding gate, our customers are saving time at the airport and speeding up the boarding process. When our customers choose these time-saving, self-service options, our costs go down, and we can pass those savings along to our customers."

Really, by charging your customers up to $100 for luggage, it makes things more efficient for your company so that you can then pass those savings back onto your customers?! Um, how does charging your customers more to bring their luggage onto your planes save them money?! Aren't you doing the exact OPPOSITE by making your customers pay more rather than actually saving them money?! The only way they will save money is not to fly on your freakin' airplanes!

Maybe the airlines should go ahead and seek a government bailout? Seems like a good possibility based on how the election is likely to go. If banks and the auto industry can do it, why not the airline industry (which has been in decline for the last couple of decades)? Then people can pay more in taxes AND the same ridiculous fees that the airlines are making up as they go along...

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