Sunday, May 25, 2014


I am coming back to this blog after a long layoff - I'm going to attribute it to my personal winter hibernation. In reality, real life has caught up to my time online and this blog was not my priority. Instead, it is (and always has been) more of a release outlet and a way to ensure that I could do some writing when the need arose. However, over the last 5-6 months, I have been doing more creative writing, including a return to my poetic roots and finally going with the book idea that has been in my head for a long time. I have no set timeframe to complete the book, nor any idea of how it will yet actually end, but I intend to enjoy the journey that it takes me on.

Along with that, my professional career (or, as I prefer to think of it, the job that pays the bills) has also gone in an unusual direction that has required a great deal more of my time and effort. I foresee that it will continue that way for a while yet but that is ok - I enjoy what I do and that is more than a lot of people can say about what they do.

All of this being said, I hope to get back to doing occasional posts on this blog. I have many ideas that come up that I want to comment or write upon but it is finding the time to do so. It may require a little more effort on my part to get there but I shall get where I want to go. I hope that those who have followed with me to this point continue to do so. Who knows, we may even learn a few things along the way. Thank you.