Sunday, November 13, 2011

Derailed Plans

I actually had started making up my collection of thoughts on the Republicans running for president (in a biting, sarcastic format that I was really enjoying as I thought about it) when I suffered a catastrophic hard drive failure on my primary desktop at home. And, since I only write on this blog from home, that was obviously going to be a problem. As it stands, I'm currently writing this on my home laptop - the same laptop that I really hate using since it runs slower than an insurance company paying on a claim and runs on Windows Vista (I guess that could be another blog post all unto itself).

Mind you, this desktop is less than a year old and already has a hard drive failure. I suppose I've been lucky that I've never had a hard drive failure previously (though I have crashed a machine or two). And, discovered today that I could at least retrieve the data from the drive so that is a good thing - my book is currently on that drive so I'm going to have to come up with another plan for saving that data. I may have to finally break down and get an external drive. I know, my own fault if I lose anything but live and learn. Or, as I've been told I can be at times, live and don't learn. Oh well...

Maybe once I get that situation straightened out, I will get back to working on my original thoughts... Cain's suggestion that China was on the brink of possessing nuclear weapons (ALREADY?!) and Perry's inability to remember the names of the the government departments he would shut down if he were elected (hey, the Dept of Energy was so unimportant since he's going to get rid of it, there's no need to remember its name) were the two most immediate ones. I just wish there were some more Democrats to pick on. I hate not being able to be an equal opportunity offender...

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