Monday, July 11, 2011

NOW he's illegitimate?!

Syria's Bashir Al-Assad has lost the legitimacy to rule according to Hillary Clinton. Of course, the previous several months when he was shooting, beating and otherwise terrorizing his subjects (yes, I am using that term deliberately) he was still a legitimate ruler and someone that the US was trying to find ways to cajole into behaving better. However, now that he's unleashed his supporters to rampage through the US embassy in Damascus, NOW he's no longer a legitimate ruler.

Ignoring the fact that the US is assuming the role of sole arbiter of who is the legitimate ruler of any nation (other than the US), I'm sure that those who have been sacrificing themselves to promote a better form of government in Syria are now thrilled to know that the US actually agrees with them - months after the fact and only after the US government itself has been the target. Sort of reminds me of Afghanistan which the US essentially ignored (when the Taliban was abusing its citizenry in the late 90's) until the 9/11 attacks and then it was the first target of US revenge.

Yep, I guess if you want to help topple your government and you live in a nation where the leader is cozy with the US, ratchet up the pressure and get the tyrant to personally offend the US if you want any assistance (or even pro-forma support).

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