Thursday, June 2, 2011

Where's Captain Obvious?!

Reading through something on Yahoo earlier today had me wondering if someone had forgotten to reference Captain Obvious. Yes, the headline of the article was "TV Executives Admit in Taped Interviews That Hollywood Pushes a Liberal Agenda". It was all I could do stop myself from uttering out loud, "Oh really?!"

Yes, someone actually got a bunch of Hollywood writers, producers, execs and who knows who else to admit on camera that they were biased, happily so, and would just as soon see anyone who isn't of the same opinion as they go unemployed (at least in Hollywood). Now, I'm sure that some of these people who were interviewed will then cry foul that their tapes were released (exactly what would make them think that TAPED INTERVIEWS would not be used at some point in a public forum?) and others will freely continue to admit that they are better than their non-conservative peers with no public recrimination. And in Hollywood, it does not seem that recriminations from their many like-minded peers will be forthcoming, so that does not seem to be a deterrent to spouting forth their points of view. But I wonder if they will be at all more hesitant to express such views if no one watched their shows and they suddenly find themselves unable to earn an income? (Not that I think that likely; that is more of a wandering thought meandering through the vast desert of empty space in my head.)

And I do not begrudge them their views even if I do not necessarily agree with all of them. No, I think what gets me is the arrogance they show in their superior beliefs and the disdain that they hold for any who do not believe as they do. It is surely an open secret (if "secret" be the right term) that Hollywood has a liberal bias and that is not so much an issue. If you do not like what Hollywood produces, then go create your own or find your entertainment elsewhere. But to assert the rightness of your beliefs and then to deny others who might disagree with you the opportunity to work for/with you would find you in front of a courtroom in almost any other line of business. Heck, Target was recently targeted (no pun intended) for protests when it was learned that the company had donated money to anti-gay politicians. They then backtracked and offered to compensate the opposite side in order to avoid any controversy. Yet the Hollywood elite (and even the not-so-elite) boast of their narrow-minded views and the retribution they deliver to those who don't agree and no one says anything. While they claim to hold tolerant views, it is clear from their words and actions that they are extraordinarily intolerant - while accusing anyone who disagrees with them as being such.

In the world in which I live, this is called hypocrisy. And, anywhere outside of Hollywood, it would not only be frowned upon but likely means of all kinds of not-so-positive things to happen. However, in Hollywood, it appears to be the standard. But I guess that shouldn't be so surprising for an industry that is based on escaping reality.

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