Monday, December 20, 2010


I was reading an article for blog writers that suggested that you pick a subject and focus your blog on that in order to encourage people to return to your blog. Obviously, based on that criteria, I am never going to have a "successful" blog. As any regular reader of this blog will already know, this blog goes all over the place. So the only way for me to follow that particular piece of advice is to either find a single topic that interests me more than any other and upon which I am willing write frequently or to create a new blog whenever I want to write upon a new topic. I am a little too ADD to only write upon a single subject ad nauseum within a blog and I am not willing to setup a new blog whenever I want to write upon a new subject as that is way more effort than should be needed IMHO. (Is it ok to use geek-speak in a blog?)

So the question becomes, for me, what is the purpose of writing a blog? And, as I noted in my very first entry, it was (and remains) an opportunity for me to expound on my varied interests. Of equal importance (though not noted in my first entry) is the chance for me to work on the craft of writing in general. I love to write and to think of myself as a writer. But having gone many years without truly working on my writing has caused me to become rusty. So, I write on random things on this blog and on some technical subjects (though, honestly, I think it is more on peripherally subjective topics) on LessThanDot. Either way, my end goal is to offer my own limited perspective on a variety of issues which interest me - both personally and professionally - and enhance my literary skills. And to that end, I must admit that it has helped me to rejuvenate my creative juices and get back to doing writing when I have the time. I've recently returned to writing poetry again (after a layoff of several years due to professional and personal concerns) and even worked on a few short stories. Perhaps other opportunities will be available as a result - at the very least, feedback and open communication will open new avenues for knowledge and friendships and for that I am always grateful.

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