Saturday, October 3, 2009

A lazy post

Writing is enjoyable. The ability to string together a cacophony of words and phrases into beautiful sentences and paragraphs that others may have the opportunity to enjoy is a wondrous thing. It requires only the coherent grammar and spelling (let's face it, "I want two sea if their will bee an error" has no actual mis-spellings so relying on spell-check would be useless) along with interesting subjects upon which to write. And in spite of a preponderance of material today about which much has already been written or filmed, there continues to be new things being written by authors both old and new.

This does not deny that there is a great deal that holds no mystery, no interest for a great number of potential readers. Certainly any bookstore or library contains tripe that has remained unread since its inception. And there is a great deal that has received negative reviews that have prevented it being read by more than a few willing to share their collective opinions. And while the old adage regarding opinions and the gluteus maximus (which won't be reprinted here as this author knows only the vulgar version) remains true, the reality is that the opinions of the first few often form the basis for success or failure for any author - or indeed any endeavor. Ask any restaurant and the owner will point out that success or failure will often depend upon the reviews of its first few customers. Books and stories may have a little more leeway than restaurants, but the quality of the writing and the subject will ultimately determine the success of the book and the author.

Of course, the point of this post is to create an opportunity for a new subject upon which to write. And, the truth be told, this post does very little to indicate that this author has much new material about which to write. Perhaps a few days with some time to think and ponder on the world and the news will offer new insight and creativity.

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