Sunday, July 26, 2009

Anger management

Anger is one of those emotions that demonstrates a loss of control. More precisely, it is a glaring symptom of a loss of control. A loss of control over any situation, large or small, can trigger an angry reaction. And anger can fuel itself to rages that grow increasingly uncontrollable until the underlying anger is spent.

So what to do about it? It is nigh impossible to prevent getting angry because on one can control everything in their life - presuming of course, that anger is the natural reaction to a loss of control. For many people, myself included, this is true. So if it is not possible to prevent becoming angry at a loss of control, the next best solution is learning to manage the anger instead of letting it control you. Using the anger as a tool to or a focal point can help to manage the anger to a point where control can be regained not only over the anger itself but even to the underlying cause. It is not easy and does not always work but even working to get to that point can help restore the sense of balance that is lost in the maelstrom of the anger and the (often) accompanying rage. Focusing on a single point of restoration can be, in itself, the first step in recovering that which has been lost - control.

And while most of us would deny we are control freaks, few of us like to be out of control of the people, events and emotions surrounding us.

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