Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Writer's block?

Barely a week into the effort to work on a blog and I hit a writer's block. Or perhaps that is a misnomer. I can think of plenty of things about which to write, but the issue is more related to whether I can write well about them. This is particularly troublesome because I have to be able to not only write on whatever subjects are at hand but I also want to be sure that they're written well with no grammar or factual errors. On more than one occasion, I have posted something only to have to go back and then edit out the grammatical errors. And I only have four posts prior to this one! Perhaps if I had an editor, this would not be an issue - or at least not as much of one. But, then again, if I had an editor, I probably would be compensated for the things I write. That, however, is something to which I will have to aspire for the future. Perhaps when I retire from my current career - not a career based on writing, unfortunately.

Tomorrow I may feel more inclined to editorialize on the other issues randomly floating through my mind at the moment. Or not...

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